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Shape & Henna

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Course Starts - 26 July 2018 

Course structure

Course takes 10 day

You'll get information every day (by WhatsApp app), video of my working process, pictures and drawings with comments.

The course consists of two parts

The first part is design.

This is a completely new explosion method of creating eyebrows shape. The method includes the brand style created by Anna Dixon.
Basis of this method is the natural face harmony and lines parallelism. Only with this regard it is possible to create an individual unique shape design which will perfectly suite to the face of your client. Your brow performances  will not look the same, each performance is going to be unique. You will be able to guarantee to you clients balanced eyebrows shape which seamlessly emphasize its natural beauty.
In this course you will learn to recognize the main points for the brows body. And also easily and quickly create sketch (which takes 5 minutes only) as well as make symmetrical eyebrows.
The eyebrows designing is a whole science, which includes a lot of mathematics and fine arts.

The second part of the course is henna.

This part includes training of henna brows design. This is excellent way to provide one more service to your clients and consequently to have additional income and also to make the healed result of permanent make-up even more aesthetic. Such a pleasant procedure increases the prestige level of your salon and your reputation as brow technician. Henna brows is an amazing opportunity for clients to get the perfect eyebrows for a period of 7 to 14 days. It’s perfect for special events, during vacation or traveling. Natural eyebrow hair become hennaed and it lasts from one to two months, making the eyebrows more expressive and bright.

Shape and Henna: design


What is an eyebrow? The rule of perfect classical shape construction.


The law  of "Harmonious eyebrow construction." Parallel lines of the face. Natural harmony of the face. How it works?


Learning activities. Homework.


Symmetry. Natural face asymmetry. The rules of the most harmonious eyebrows construction. 


The secret of "quick and easy" eyebrow construction, the 5 minutes method "NINJA STYLE".


Review of methods for removing unwanted hairs

Shape and Henna: henna


Review of the best dyes for henna.


Workspace preparation. Everything you need to work: brushes, cups, napkins, henna, water, oil, etc.


The method of creating perfect brows with emphasis of professional make-up. Ombre brows.


Rules for applying of "Harmonious eyebrows construction" law to create perfect shape and symmetry.


Individual color matching for each client. Stylistic features of color matching. Color passport and natural color harmony. How to choose the right shade of henna?


Aftercare recommendation. 


Artistic brow design. Perfect eyebrows in 15 minutes.


Marketing plan for integrating the procedure into the range of services for salon.


Certificate of completion.

What do you need for this course?

1. Henna

2. Brushes

Dots Technique
Soft Powder Brows
Ombre Brows

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