The Ombré Brow Technique has rapidly risen in popularity
among permanent makeup aficionados—artists and clients
alike. It has become one of the most sought after treatments
next to microblading in recent months, and for good reason.
Not dissimilar to Soft Powder Brows, the Ombré Technique
creates a subtle gradient at the head and upper portion of the
brow. The artists I train are taught how to create the correct
effect at the base and tail, while knowing how and when to
transition their depth, stroke and speed to achieve a beautiful
soft gradient. The gradient technique is what gave Ombré
Brows their name. 
This technique uses two shades of the same palette. The
primary aim is to achieve a smooth gradient from light to dark.
Ombré eyebrows look immaculately groomed, have a clear
contour in key areas of the brow and transition to a soft, fluffy
The final look reminds me of the exotic dessert, Tiramisu.
Deliciously light and equally dramatic.

Ombre Brows

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    Ombre Brows

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