Eyeliner can be a lovely solution for clients who wish to eliminate their
daily makeup routine or who cannot wear cosmetics. The procedure
for doing eyeliner is as straight-forward as it is complicated. There are
many considerations to doing eyeliner correctly. Critical things like
anesthetics, proper application, pigment choice, dilution of pigment,
machines and needles as well as style and design all come into play
when planning and performing an eyeliner treatment on a client. This
on-line course will cover these areas in detail and address many of the
pitfalls artists face as they learn to master eyeliner application.
Permanent makeup of the lips is a beautiful alternative to frequent
daily application of lip color. Students will learn about the lipstick
effect, the transparent lip blush effect, pigment choice, and the correct
approach to the procedure to produce a long lasting and beautiful
result. As with eyeliner, the course will cover the same issues related
to anesthetic, pigment, tools and equipment. Adding eyeliner and lip
permanent makeup procedures to the list of services you perform
enhances your position as an artist your clients trust.
Both courses will cover many interesting tips and tricks that will help
artists master both techniques. As with all courses feedback and
support is available throughout the course, as well as within the post-
training support group.
COURSE content:

1.  Classic eyeliners
2.  After care
3.  3D effects
4.  Lipstick effect
5.  Natural lips
6.  Manual methods

7.  Pigments and devices
8.  Common mistakes

Lips And Eyeliner

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