Hairstrokes created by machine are done by carefully and
methodically drawing every hair creating a beautiful, natural look that
looks flawless immediately post-procedure.
This technique is very popular in the permanent makeup world
because the eyebrows heal more quickly and this method is less
traumatic to the client’s skin. After the procedure, machine
hairstrokes don’t change their change their form. They are far less
likely to blur or alter in shape and color, when done correctly.
Creating machine hairstrokes is more difficult than with the hand tool
and developing this tremendous skill requires a great deal of practice
and patience. DixonPMU has developed a program that offers unique
tips and tricks, all of which come from vast experience both learning
and teaching the method. Because of the unique advantages of
machine hairstrokes, an artist who has mastered them can assume their
place above their competition. Being able to offer a full complement
of PMU services and know which is best for each client and skin type
will help you grow your business exponentially.

Hairstrokes by Machine

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    Dots Technique
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