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Powder Brows

What is “Powder Brow”  also known as “Pencil Effect Brow”! This technique is performed by PMU machine with a needle by using “shading method”. With this technique the eyebrows are looking very soft and airy. When we are creating “Powder Brow”, the hand pressure and movements sometimes need to move faster or slower, weaker or stronger. It all depends on what area are you working on. Each stoke should be stable, not jumping from one area to another. You can’t overlap either, in order to achieve the most beautiful art work that you need.
 If want your eyebrow to look sharp on the tail and the base but soft and airy on the top and the beginning. I can help you to trouble shoot all your questions and struggles with it. In this course I will personally guide and share with you all my knowledge that I’ve achieved though my owns mistakes and victories. I will teach you to create “Pencil Effect Eyebrows” that you will be proud of by making your clients happy, taking pictures and showing your work on social media! As a bonus, you will get a support from the rest of your career. Let do this! I am ready to take your PMU career to the next new level!

Course structure

Course takes 20 day

You'll get information every day (in a closed facebook group), video of my working process, pictures and drawings with comments.
- You can study at a convenient time. All information will be stored in your phone or tablet.
- After the course, you can transfer the information to your tablet or computer.
- You will be added to the support group, indefinitely.
- At the end of the course you will receive a certificate by e-mail.

Work examles with this technique

Head Teacher Maryаnn Hoang

Maryann Hoang is a licensed Texas State Cosmetology and medical permanent makeup instructor and owner of 2 medical spas; TL Dream Salon & Spa and Texas Health and Lifestyle Center, as well as owner of Worldwide MicroPmu Art Academy.  
Maryann is a certified Grand Master Instructor with International PMU and Microblading, and has developed many of her own techniques such as Transformative Microblading, Hollywood Micropmu Brow, LOV Brow, Sandy Microblading Nature Effect 3D for lips and eyeliner.

PRICE  $290  USD

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Course Starts - April 2019 

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