Permanent Make-up fairy tales:

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Is there any magic in permanent make-up?!

What level of work that is not achievable with incredible volumes, high pixels and a shine…?!

It is unnecessary to invent anything. If you think about it, Permanent Make-up – it is by adding pigment into the skin. After healing, this is where it will stay over a certain period. The client

is unlikely to be a super volumetric, iridescent, and will give some magical effects. Heeled work will never be able to compete on the brightness and color saturation with immediately after procedure work, as if we did not want it, it becomes more flat and faded, sinking into the skin in the healing process. We have only few and limited choice of colors, as we work with faces and use common sense in PMU; there are nuances composition of pigments and patterns of their behavior in the skin some time later.

So what attracts us so often to be in the news feed? What things we should never do to ourselves in PMU?

It is not magic – good photographs, proper lighting and expert use of Photo editing.

Skill is totally dependent on the PMU master from another. From visualization on a whole with the ability to considered all the pros and cons, to create the maximum visual effect transformation, with minimal interference. In healed works there is no magic and brightness, but they are the real values.

Do you want to know more?

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