"MAKE UP" In permanent make-up is the main word!!!

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Dear colleagues,

Today we have a huge number of master classes for different types of techniques around world.

Already only the blind and the deaf do not know how to make ‘permanent make-up (PMU)

What and where they should make it. But, unfortunately, for some reason, master classes for PMU sketch drawing of the style has not been many in existence. Moreover, even in the basic courses, for this it receives very little attention. And then as you skim news feed in social networks with pictures of PMU, one could not help but want to cry over what is seeing about other work in PMU. It seems that it is done well technically - but there is shadow, hairs, and even 3D-effect! But there is NO SHAPE! And if there is no shape - there is no harmony, no beauty, NO NOTHING!!

The shape is the basis of high-quality permanent make-up. Only correct drawing, taking into account the individual characteristics of the face, emphasizes the beauty, smooth out the disadvantages will guarantee professional work. Remember that, first of all, we are – make-up artists… But, before you should learn and master this profession, and only then take a PMU device for practicing. Permanent make-up artists that do not have in depth knowledge of make-up and style equal nothing or poor result. In these situations irresponsibility is to rely on the "sense of taste". Hence, within their creation is a science to it! Why do you think this process in PMU is also called facial architecture?! My dear skilled colleagues and new PMU apprentices, good mathematical skills and judgment are required for a successful result.

Would you trust the architect of your future home, if in the preparation of drawings of important load-bearing walls, he "relies on the sense of taste, of course"?! So don't accept this of yourselves in working with the face of your clients. It requires measurements and calculations before: lines, dots, proportions, characteristics.

If there is no taste, you need to use your knowledge. If there is no knowledge - only taste will not be enough in getting the job done!

Instead of doing strange shapes on faces, you should get consultation and learn what is necessary; learn from experienced masters’, gained and improve your skills with time over the years. Therefore, keeping yourselves abreast with new trends and get information, which will help you to analyze faces and its dimension like or as a mathematician does with calculus. Train yourself regularly to see lines of faces, axes and main directions which are dimensions. Please, don’t try to cover your mistakes by mythical sense of taste, especially if you don't have it!

Do you want to know more?

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