How much conscience cost?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

When I'm looking news feed, I have only one question: Does someone have, from the world of PM, conscience or it was not at all? Or it was sold simply and they do it consciously? Does trainer, which was trained a couple months ago, realize the effects of easy money, which will be imprinted on the faces of unsuspecting customers and models?

The reputation of the industry falls, and this affect to everyone, who work in it. People have a negative attitude for permanent make up, mainly because of such pseudo-masters. Is it really possible to be so greedy and selfish, and not thinking about anything other? It's probably rhetorical question, but we have it.

And what should we do with this? The only thing that comes to my mind, dear colleagues, before you choose a coach, you should look at his portfolio, try to find healed works and read reviews. Be careful for not to be deceived by empty ads. You should invest to yourself. Choose the teachers carefully, because your professional life will depend on it.

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