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African-American Skin Type

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Course Starts - 13 August 2018 

Course structure

Course takes 3 day

You'll get information every day (by WhatsApp app), video of my working process, pictures and drawings with comments.

This skin type had a different structure and this clients needs our special care and the most gentle techniques ever, because it’s very easy to create keloids.

- Do you want to be universal master master and offer THE BEST for any type of your beautiful clients?

You will find answers for all this questions in that class

I will share with you all my experience  with this skin type

African-American Skin Type:


How to get very beautiful deep color, which will not turn to blue or grey after healing


How to get good retention and beautiful shape


Full procedure video examples 

- eyebrows 
- eyeliners 
- lips 


Skin structure


The best techniques for this skin type


Pigments and mixes




And many more


Certificate of completion

Work examles with this technique

What do you need for this course?

1. Any machine with any type of 1-point needle

2. Manual group acupuncture, then 5 round needles (Sof Tap or a simple round needle or      a long tattoo needle with a bar) or a group needle for the machine (3RL or 5RL)

3. Pigment

4. Fake skin

5. Napkins and gloves

What people say


After taking this course, I finally gained proper knowledge and understanding how to do Ombre style eyebrows. I love the fact that we were given homework, which kept me accountable. Anna Dixon videos were excellent to watch, understand and to follow! What I love about Dr. Anna Dixon philosophy is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive tattoo machines, you can achieve great results with an expensive machine as well. It’s all about understand the technique and skin of your client. This is must course for everyone who is interested to advance their knowledge in Permanent makeup.

PRICE  174$  USD

Dots Technique
Soft Powder Brows
Ombre Brows

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