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What is going on?

Online education is booming: last year around 10 million peoples around the world listened courses on different platforms. According to experts, in the next couple of years the market of online courses will continue to grow, especially in the area of additional professional education.

People says, that online courses are wasting your time, money and they are ineffective.

It is a myth. According to research, for most indicators, online education is not much inferior as traditional. 77% of the teachers of American universities, included in the world rankings, consider online education to be an equivalent (and in some cases preferable) alternative to traditional education. In addition, in some universities today you can still get an online degree (most often master's). In fact, the effectiveness of the course depends largely on the listener: remote education requires greater concentration and self-control. Therefore, before taking on the course, it is necessary to clearly formulate why you need it.

People who taking the class can always complete it or not?

Can, but not all, and this is the main problem of online courses. According to statistics, only 15% of users listen to the course to the end. Therefore, the motivation of the student is especially important in online education. There are several ways to improve your academic performance. First, the course that is aimed at development and career growth will help more willingly. Secondly, when choosing an online course, you need to consider your basic skills and interests. Thirdly, in order to maintain interest in studies, associate with the subject of online courses your hobbies.

Another problem: online courses do not involve personal contact of students and teachers. And it can't be good training!

Feedback from the teacher is really important, but not to everyone. According to statistics, only 15% of listeners of online courses need it. Nevertheless, we organize online seminars, practical classes and trainings, where students can discuss the material with the teacher.

And what about time? I want to learn, but there is no time at all!

That's why online courses are good that they can be selected for your workload. On average, one course takes three to four hours of intensive work per week. At the same time, some courses assume only listening to lectures, in others, homework is added to the lectures, and in the third one you will also have to take exams. Choose which mode and load will fit into your schedule. The main plus of online education is that you can study anywhere and anytime. To listen to lectures and pass tests really though on the way from work - in transport, almost all online courses works on mobile  devices.

Online permanent make up courses

That's why I decide to share my experiences with you, so please welcome to my online classes

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